Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

909 IT Ensures that your organisation will continue to operate and deliver services with minimal downtime in case of disasters.Disaster could happen in many ways such as human error or natural.

The best way to to overcome this situation is implementing proper backup solutions. 909IIT Solutions specialisation in automated in house backup and offsite replication of backup at DR Site such as remote location, AWS S3,Azure,Google cloud etc.

We work with leading backup technologies such as Veeam, Shadow Protect, Symantec.

We managed Disaster Recovery Solutions with Regular replication of Production servers to Managed storage locations like Remote Server, S3, Azure, Google Cloud, Shadow Product Cloud. It ensures backup and replication in a single solution for Vpshere and Hyper-V virtual Environment and along with Physical Servers. So Get in touch for proper implementation of your backup Solutions and get your data when you need it!!!

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