Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Not All Service Desk teams are created equal. We are an Australian Based IT-Service Desk that can help your organization with any IT requirements and enquiries. 

Keeping up with the rapid growth of technology and its exposure has become most critical these days. With growth in technology has also created new vulnerabilities that might comprise the systems. However, as our client, we take the hassle from your organization to update and keep the infrastructure UpToDate. Our team of highly skilled engineers proactively use state of the art Managed services technologies such as automation and data analytics  to continuously monitor and  protect your valuable data and systems.

Our Managed Security Options

From our collective experience throughout the years, we at 909IT have developed a proactive service which will help protect your organization from various threats and reduce the downtime of your company.

909IT Solutions offering:

Managed Microsoft Office 365

We can Provide you with Managed office 365 service to take away the complexity in running. We can help you manage your email creations, delegations, and various security measures which may be required for proper management of staffs and sensitive information.

Managed Email defense

We can provide you with state of the art email defense solutions that can help protect your email from getting compromised.

Managed Backup and Disaster recovery

As part of our Managed backup and recovery package, we can provide your organization that peace of mind, knowing that your data will always be in safe hands and can be rescued in an event of any unforeseeable circumstances.

Managed computer endpoints, servers and network devices

We can provide you with periodic patching of your workstations, servers and various network devices so that all your system are UpToDate and safe from malicious attacks.

We understand how costly and difficult is it to manage the technical infrastructure. Let us take care of it and you focus on your core business.